Favourite patterns 

I thought I’d share my favourite/TNT patterns with you;


Named peg trousers

They’re so comfortable with the elasticated waist but look really put together. Great for work!

Woven Dress

By Hand London Anna dress

Due to the lack of a lining it makes the Anna a really quick and satisfying make. 

Runner up: Tilly & the Buttons Lilou dress

Jersey dress

Colette Moneta

Secret pyjama territory! Easy to wear and perfect for work or the weekend. 

Woven top

Sewaholic Alma blouse 

I love the fit of this blouse and the Peter Pan collar is perfect 👌🏻 I wear these a lot for work. 

Jersey top 

Grainline Lark tshirt 
I love the Lark tee, the fit and style is great and they’re so easy to wear. I live in these come the weekend! I wore these a lot when pregnant but still wear the same ones now. 


I LOVE shirtdresses. I think they are my most favourite thing to wear and make. My favourite has to be McCalls M7387

It’s easy to wear and really comfortable. I love the kimono sleeve with bands and the collar doesn’t have a stand and so is dead easy to sew. 

Runner up: Grainline Alder Shirtdress

Comes up really short on me so I don’t feel as comfortable wearing it. One of the things I learned from MMM17 was; I don’t like revealing outfits or not feeling comfortable. 

What are your favourite patterns?


Me Made May 2017

This is the first year I’ve been able to participate in MMM, last year I was breastfeeding and limited to what I could wear and the year before I was pregnant and already limited as to what I could fit into!

I’m enjoying it so far, my favourite clothes are all me made and so it’s been easy to get dressed. Prior to me Made May I honestly would’ve told you that my clothes were mainly grey and blue. I didn’t realise quite how much colour I wear and enjoy wearing!

I haven’t managed to take pictures of every outfit and thinking of new ways to take the photo is the real challenge! I haven’t identified any wardrobe gaps yet, just make more of what I love and embrace the colour (something I clearly don’t have trouble with but my fabric stash is not particularly colourful!). 

I’m starting to run out of my favourite me mades now and debating some repeats or wearing the clothes I’m not in love with anymore. 

Pauline Alice Rosari skirt

I’ve been wanting a button down skirt for about a year now. I bought one from Prinark but it didn’t fit right and it was way too short. I always planned on making a Rosari skirt (it was on my make 9 list) but it was originally going to be yellow corduroy. I ended up using my corduroy to make a Cleo (unblogged) and so decided to make a denim one instead. 

I really enjoyed making this skirt. It came together almost without a hitch. However as I was attaching the waistband I realised it was 2 inches too short! I was between sizes – the 36 was an inch too small on the waist and the 38 would be an inch too big. I went for the 36 graded to a 38 at the hips. I reduced the seam allowance by 1cm on each seam (3 in total) but that didn’t explain the massive gap. 

I ended up cutting a new waistband at a size 40 – 2 sizes bigger! I’ve no idea why there’s such a difference. There is supposed to be 3cm seam allowance for the front of the waistband and so the reduction in seams doesn’t explain the gap. The same thing happened when I made the Port trousers (also by Pauline Alice) which makes me think perhaps a drafting issue but no one else seems to have had a problem. 

I went for a contrasting topstitching thread because I love topstitching. It’s just so satisfying! 

I used Liberty fabric for the pockets leftover from a Violet blouse I made (also unblogged).

I had an absolute nightmare with the buttonholes. I used topstitching thread and they look atrocious. At least the button covers it!
The buttons come from eBay. They were dirt cheap and you can tell. I’ve had to buy a load of new zips for old handmades because buying cheap doesn’t last. I should know this by now!

Excuse the wrinkles but I’ve been wearing it all morning!

I’m wearing my Rosari skirt with a lark tshirt. 

Me Made May 2017

I, whatamymade, pledge to wear at least one handmade outfit a day during the month of May. 

{left is handmade, right is RTW}

I’ve been altering, refashioning and replacing zips in anticipation. This will be my first year participating and I’m excited to see how I do. I’ve been trying not to wear me-mades for the last few days so that I have more choice and it’s been really annoying as those are the clothes I want to wear! 

Are you joining in this year?

Weekend adventures and an Inari tee dress

Blogposts from me are like buses, you wait ages and then two come along at once!

I’ve made the Inari as a top but never made the dress. I love the top but it’s linen and the sleeves are a little tight. I knew when (and it would be when, not if!) that I needed to make some adjustments. 

When cutting the tee dress I added the seam allowance but forgot to do it on the sleeve! Typical. I also only had a metre of this cotton jersey from Merchant & Mills so I had to shorten the dress in order to get the sleeves cut out. Luckily I had lengthened it considerably so it didn’t make it indecently short. 

Despite my first being too tight, this one has a lot of ease especially around the centre front. I may take a wedge out in future. It just goes to show fabric choice really does affect the fit of your clothes. I had some trouble sewing the side seam vents and a facing would be a neater way of finishing the hem. 

I absolutely love the dress, it’s a perfect basic and I can definitely see many more in my future. 

We spent the day with my inlaws and we went to the Deep in Hull to take Emily to see the “tish!” She absolutely loved it. 

Then we drove up the coast to Filey and ate fish and chips. Funnily enough Emily wasn’t all that keen on eating her fish this time! She’s a clever cookie is our girl. All in all a gorgeous day and I even got to do some sewing when Emily was in bed. Perfect! 

Emily’s face cracks me up. Her favourite thing at the moment is scowling at people. Oh and I had my fringe cut on Friday and I’m so pissed off! Why are hairdressers incapable of cutting a decent fringe!?

This was after I tried to sort it out. Humph. 

Harriet Bra

Hey guys, I noticed I’ve gotten a few new followers lately so hi! I do sometimes feel like I’m talking to myself on here as you don’t get instant feedback like you do on say Instagram but I enjoy blogging even if no-one is listening!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, life has been really busy. I’ve been teaching a sewing class at Simply Solids in huddersfield once a week on top of being a mama and my nearly full time job as a teacher. I’ve been lucky if I’ve had the energy to sew! Luckily I get lots of lovely holidays and on one childfree day I managed to do some sewing. 

Quite a lot of sewing actually. I’ve cut the Rosari skirt, the Kim pattern (but not fabric), cut and sewed an Inari and finally this Harriet bra. And it’s only day 3!

Sewing a bra has been on my wish list for a while. It feels like a new challenge considering the terminology is all completely new. I’ve been hoarding bra kits for a while but needed some time to sit down to think about what I was doing. I’ve also been breastfeeding so it seemed daft spending time making a bra for my bust to change size once I’d finished. I was planning on sewing the Watson bra (which I have printed) but then Norma released the Harriet which is closest to the style I would normally wear. I couldn’t resist and bought it there and then.  

To celebrate stopping breastfeeding (at 14 months) I finally took the plunge and cut the Harriet pieces. 

Next time I will get my rotary cutter and board out. Those pieces are teeny and fiddly to cut especially in fine fabrics. I’d also like some spray adhesive to keep the lining and shell together. 

I sewed up the bra over two sessions and it took a total of 3-4 hours. It came together relatively easily with just a little confusion over the channeling and finishing the bottom edge of the elastic. I was using random bits of elastic purchased from Very Kerry Berry on Instagram and it’s possible I used the wrong width. Anyway the channeling finishing the elastic wouldn’t fit and I ended up ripping my zig zag stitches out. I’m still not sure where I went wrong. 

The way a bra is constructed it is difficult to try on first. I measured at 30D and my usual  RTW size is a 32. I decided to trust the pattern and go with the smaller band size. I held the cups against my bust and it seemed like it would fit but you can’t check the fit until it’s completely finished!

I finally sewed the hooks and eyes on (wrong way round) and omg. The fit is insane. I never had a problem with the way my RTW bras fit, until now! The support is amazing and so snug. I can’t actually believe how well it fits out of the packet. Despite having never sewn a bra before it came together so well and looks really professional. The instructions are well written and clear. 

The fabric came from Very Kerry Berry destash on Instagram and the findings/elastic/underwires came from Elise patterns. As you can see the bra is totally see through and therefore definitely no modelling! I sewed this as a muslin and almost wish I’d used my fancy laces it went so well. 

If you’re thinking of sewing a bra but are put off, please don’t be. If you can sew a straight line and a zig zag stitch you can make a bra! If you want some help and you’re around the Huddersfield area we’re planning on making this bra as a class at Simply Solids too 🙂


Turia dungarees

Ever since making my Roberts collection dungarees I wanted to try the Turia dungarees. The Roberts are more of an overall and the turia more of a traditional dungaree. My Roberts are now about 2 inches too big and I was missing having them in my wardrobe!

After buying some bargain denim from BnM (£18 for 3 metres) and trawling through Instagram and blog posts I set about making my version. 

I decided after seeing everyone else’s to lower the front by 2 inches and extend the bib by the same amount. I thought the length of the front looked a little odd especially the pockets. I wanted the bib to hit more around my hips than the waist. Turns out this was one of my more stupid ideas. My hips are the widest point and I’m more suited to clothes that hit at the waist. This is what they looked like:

I kept trying them on after a sewing session here and there and I just wasn’t happy. A quick tweet and Amy and Rachel suggested adding a waistband. I had thought of it but dismissed it due the closure. I figured it was worth moving to make them more flattering. 

I feel more comfortable in them with the waistband and it’s less obvious that I’ve had a baby! Thanks to breastfeeding I’m in pretty great shape but I still have a belly. 

After some stalling I finally finished these last night and installed the buttons this morning. I took my Turias and my wee family to Haworth – home of the Brontes and braved the snow(!) to take some photos. 

I slimmed the legs down – I sewed a 38 grading to 40 but then ended up taking them in by a good two inches. Could be the stretch of my denim as I fit the finished measurements (hips 39 inches, waist 28 and bust 34). I also sewed the straps in at an angle after someone commented about the straps sitting funny. 

The excess fabric is because the hem is caught on my boots. I also ommited the zip closure and added jeans buttons. 

The clips I pinched from my Roberts dungrees which were originally from eBay. 

The topstitching isn’t actually wonky!! I used the bib to display my pin collection. 

We had a lovely day wandering around Haworth drinking hot chocolate and people watching. 

Now onto the next project… I have no idea what to sew next which isn’t like me at all! I’m still on a shirtdress kick so possibly an archer-Alder mashup.