Well, I know I’m a bit (!) late in posting the 2014 review but I had such a busy Christmas!
My family came over from Canada and I don’t think I had a minute to myself. It was wonderful to be surrounded by my family though, I do miss them lots.

I didn’t make as much as I would’ve liked over the year but I really got into dressmaking.
I made a total of 10 dresses:

From left to right, a wool Lilou, blackwatch Eva dress, Merchant and Mills dress shirt, Stylish Dress book E, two basic dress from the Sewing Bee book, another M&M dress shirt, a Betty dress with a long skirt and the Cath Kidston basic dress from the GBSB.

I also made a Cambie dress from Cabbages and Roses fabric for my sister-in-law’s wedding.

Out of all the dresses I made the Lilou and the blue dress shirt get the most wear. The sewing fails have to be the CK birds dress due to the terrible fit (the fabric bunches at the back) and the Betty dress as I dislike how the skirt hangs.

I also made an English paper piecing blanket from Tilda fabric for my gran.

And a homespun blanket for my mum and dad which was very well received. Sorry for the mid-make photograph, both blankets got finished very late and I did not get chance to take any proper pictures.

I also made my mum a Maggie Rabbit for her birthday (shown here with no nose or any clothes on!).

A baby blanket for my friend’s baby

Above, I learned to knit!! But haven’t actually made any thing yet…
And below, a glasses case for my gran’s birthday:

Above a tea cosy for a friend’s birthday and below a kindle case for my Gt Auntie’s birthday

I haven’t been as busy as I thought last year but I certainly made more than I remembered!

After trying my hand at sewing, crochet and knitting, sewing is definitely more my bag.
I absolutely love dressmaking and have many ideas for future makes floating around.
I’m desperate to get hold of one of those fashion books that you can draw the dresses onto the models so my ideas look a little neater.

I’m currently in the middle of making a Marianne dress and next up is a Staple dress for a class I’m teaching in February! Exciting stuff.

I hope you all had a happy new year




Forever trawling the internet for goodies to fill my basket. There are however a few things I “need”, first up is some craft storage;

I’m desperately in need of something pretty and cheap to store all my fabric, ribbon etc in and this £35 set of drawers from Matalan are perfect! I don’t want to buy something more expensive/permanent as we want to buy a house eventually and it might not all fit.

I’ve had my eye on a nice lamp base so that I can make a pretty lampshade and I think this one will do nicely!

It’s from wilkos and is £22, I’ve seen a few other cheaper ones and I’m still on the hunt for that perfect base, curvy and shapely.

Something else I desperately need is a new wardrobe and this Next one made me gasp out loud

It’s perfect, it’s the right colour, size, style but most of all it’s reasonable. It makes my heart swoon!

A wishlist of mine wouldn’t be complete without a little CK, this apron will be perfect (and I definitely do not want to cut it up and make pretty things with it…. maybe I should buy two….)

Looking back I’m surprised how much of my wishlist is for the home, it’s usually full of clothes, I’m turning into a real homebody.
Money is a bit tight at the moment so for now my wishlist shall just be a wish but soon my pretties soon…….

What are you currently wishing for?


Painted furniture update

I blogged about painting furniture a couple of posts ago and thought I’d share the end results with you!
This chest of drawers was a freebie from my gran’s neighbour (hurray!) and so I only paid for the paint and some new door knobs (which I’m yet to buy).

I painted the inside of the drawers duck egg blue:

I also painted this old mahogany side table and I think it looks adorable painted up!

After painting these two pieces of furniture I still have half a tin of paint left! Annie Sloan is expensive but it definitely lasts.
I wasn’t too impressed with the finish on the chest of drawers, you can see brush marks when you look closely. When I painted the side table I watered it down slightly and the finish is much better. If you’re going to paint furniture I would water it down first.
All in all I am very impressed with my furniture painting skills!
Would you consider painting furniture?
Amy x

Painted furniture, filofaxes and wild dreams

I’ve had the last 2.5 weeks off work and so far I have achieved; not a great deal. I find it really hard to get motivated when I have all the time in the world! I find it much easier to get things done when I’m under pressure. Therefore my summer holiday has so far being delightfully dull. Well except for the first proper summer I’ve seen in the UK (extremely exciting!).
One thing I promised myself that I would do over summer is paint this chest of drawers (that I got for free!) with some Annie Sloan Chalk paint.

If you don’t know what chalk paint is let me introduce you to this amazing product. Basically this paint will cover any surface and you don’t need to prime the furniture first, you just slap it on! This is incredible for lazy people like me, and makes it really easy to spruce up old furniture making it look as good as new.
It took me a long time deciding which colour to choose. Annie Sloan gives some helpful hints on her website but a lot of the paint swatches are shown with another colour underneath. Therefore I took the plunge and ordered….original which is a creamy white. I really wanted to go french country but it wouldn’t have fit with the other furniture in our room.

I’ve done one coat of paint on the chest of drawers and I can still see the pine colour underneath so I’m going to paint it again and hopefully it will start to look a little better.
Myself and Gary decided that we were going to start saving for a house and in the middle of dreaming about tiny cottages with stone floors and log burning stoves I had an epiphany. It was a sofa sent from heaven, all of a sudden I knew exactly what sofa I needed in our future home. Et voila:

I think my sister is right, I am boring. Who gets excited about the kind of sofa they want to buy!? Well me apparently…

Something else I’ve been getting excited about is my filofax! Having being inspired through instagram I decided to pretty up my filofax which is something I’ve been using for yeeeears (I never knew they had such a cult following!). I get very easily bored so I decorated my filofax and haven’t touched it since, although it will be getting more use when I go back to work. I need to stop starting work in progress and then leaving them never to be used/looked at ever again!

Gary has the week off next week so we’re going to the Doncaster wildlife park and to the seaside too. I’m very excited about actually doing something with my summer holiday!
I also have a job interview in 2 weeks to go from being a part time teacher to (nearly) full time, wish me luck!
Amy x