Capsule wardrobe

My last capsule wardrobe worked so well that I’ve been planning my next (post partum obviously). It basically revolves around a rust coloured pair of Persephone pants which I think will be a great wardrobe addition. I’m not one for trends but the more I see of them on my feed the more I’m desperate to make them! I’ve also got a couple of black shirts which don’t go with much so I figure they’re going to be a good plug in my wardrobe. Even better I have all the fabric and patterns in my stash already except for the Persephones so it should be fairly easy to pull together especially as most of the patterns are easy to make.

•White linen fringe shirt

•Grey Nikko top

•Rib knit striped Nikko top

•Black and white roscoe blouse

•Ogden cami with lace front

*Rust coloured Persephone pants – rust ventana twill

•Black boxy top

Black linen Hinterland dress

I already made the Hinterland and haven’t really worn it hence it being unblogged. It is more of an autumn/winter dress though so perhaps it will get more wear later on in the year. Last year was the year of the button up dress for me and I needed a maternity version to wear this year! I decided on a black V neck version and thought about either the Shelby or the Hinterland. I chose the latter mainly because I wasn’t sure the Shelby would fit in the 3rd trimester.

It was a bit of a disaster to start with, I cut out 2 lots of pockets (I added big patch pockets to the front but also cut out inseam pockets?!), forgot to cut the V neck and couldn’t find the back bodice piece so was planning on using the sleeveless version but forgot to add the extra seam allowance. Argh! Oh and then the linen was so thick at the button bands which my overlocker struggled with and I broke a needle for the first time ever. Can you believe I’ve never even changed my needles after 4 years??

Luckily it sewed up fairly quickly and I’m pretty happy with the end result. The fabric was from Raystitch and feels good quality albeit a little stiff. The buttons were from my stash and I love them 😍

We went to Filey (a seaside resort on the east coast) and managed to fly a kite, build a sandcastle and paddle in the sea before the tide very quickly came in!

And daddy managed to win a unicorn on a grabby machine which is practically unheard of!

Sewing patterns for pregnancy

I appreciate this post won’t be interesting to most people however when I first fell pregnant I immediately started to think of all the things I could sew. Here a few non-maternity maternity patterns that I’ve found to be invaluable in my ever shrinking wardrobe:

1. Sew Liberated Hinterland dress

2. Named Kielo wrap dress

3. Chalk and Notch Fringe dress

4. Tessuti Alice top

5. Chalk and Notch Orchid midi dress

6. Deer and Doe Myosotis dress

7. Named alexandria pants

8. Colette Moneta dress

9. Sewoverit Penny dress

10. I Am patterns Cassiopee dress

Just a note this is not a sponsored post in any way!