So if you’ve been reading my last few posts you’ll know I’m pregnant and due in October. When I thought about what I’d want to be wearing whilst pregnant/postpartum I immediately thought of sweatpants and a slouchy jumper.

I don’t have any memade loungewear – not even a pair of pyjamas! But I’ve got to the point in my handmade wardrobe even when pregnant that I don’t feel the need to constantly make new clothes. These are actually inspired by a pair Gary bought recently. Apologies for the rubbish photos but it’s really hard to take pictures of black pants!

The Named Alexandria pants are probably one of my most made garments – this is my 5th pair! I know they work well with pregnancy as I had a pair when pregnant with Emily. The only adjustment I made was to increase the rise as I tend to have to pull my other pairs up all the time.

I used the same jersey I used for my recent Linden LOVE sweater which is from Fabworks. I only bought 2m but I’ve still got enough leftover to make another Linden!

I used leftover eyelets from my Kelly Anorak as my machine couldn’t cope with buttonholes in the jersey and the cord I bought from eBay (home of every sewing/craft supply you could ever need!).

I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve worn them everyday since I made them. Despite garment sewing for 5 years I’ve never made any kind of pyjamas or loungewear but my god it’s so satisfying to make and wear because of the amount they get worn!

Speaking of Lindens I bought some grey jersey from NewCraftHouse for the sweatpants but it’s really thick and has a loop back so I thought they’d maybe be too thick for the Alexandrias. I decided to make another Linden instead.

I left off the neckband and cuffs and left the fabric to fray. I’m debating cutting into the neckline a little more for it to be truly off the shoulder and cutting the arms down to be 3/4 length but otherwise I love it! Although not as much as those pants because they get some serious wear.

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