Making the best of a bad (sewing) situation

All of sudden 3 days before Christmas I needed a new outfit to wear. The fabric I’d bought in the Black Friday sale from blackbird fabrics arrived and I thought about making the corduroy Fiona dress I’d been obsessed with but as it’s fairly fitted I figured it wasn’t the best for the dinner situation. After checking my sewing to do list (in the notes on my phone) I decided on the myosotis dress, but to make it more winter friendly I decided it needed longer sleeves and added the roscoe sleeves from the True Bias blouse.

I did this by folding over the top of the roscoe sleeve and placing the myosotis sleeve head over the top. It worked perfectly!

I used fabric I bought from John Lewis at Sew up North, it’s a lovely flowy viscose and “very me”.

Unfortunately because I’d already make the myosotis dress I didn’t read the pattern pieces properly and only cut out one of the front skirts. I didn’t realise until I was nearly done with the bodice and about to attach the skirt. I checked and the skirt just about fit the bodice with no gathering so I figured I would just cut the skirt in half and attach it to the bodice. Which I did. And it wouldn’t go over my hips! Meanwhile it’s Christmas Eve and I reeeeally want to wear something new.

The old me would’ve thrown it in the corner of my sewing room, flounced off and been in a mood for the rest of the evening. After some thought and checking my pattern pieces (I had absolutely no fabric left over, it was literally scraps) I used the second part of the skirt – the bottom ruffle which is a bit wider than the main skirt, and gathered that to the bodice.

It worked really well, I now have a new top instead of a dress but the top will probably get worn a lot more and will work for school and the weekend. A happy accident!

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