Maternity Yanta overalls

I’ve made dungarees before – the Pauline Alice Turias but the rise was too high, I split the back seam and the straps too short. To summarise they were just too uncomfortable. In my last pregnancy I made the Marilla Walker Roberts collection but they came out really oversized and once I went back to my pre pregnancy size they were far too big. I’d been looking at modifying maybe the Mila dungarees or the Turias again to make them maternity friendly. I do like a bump in dungarees!

In comes the Yanta overalls by Helen’s closet – they’re very similar to a pair I’ve seen advertised in some gorgeous drapey linen and I put them on my post partum list.

Then I lost my sewjo, despite buying new fabric I just did not want to sew and I realised it was because the patterns I had in mind (Myosotis and Fringe) I’d made recently and was totally uninspired. I decided to make the Yantas after seeing Rachel’s gorgeous version and thought perhaps they might be maternity friendly if I lengthened the straps.

I cut my pre pregnancy size (6/8/10) and tried them on. I couldn’t even get them over my hips! I had some doubt about how they’d look considering they’re oversized and was having project anxiety (anyone else convinced they’ll hate their garment in the middle of sewing it?!).

Also the eagle eyed of you may notice that I turned the front pocket upside down – I just wasn’t feeling the triangular top. Also I wish I’d added inseam pockets as those front pockets are pretty useless with a bump!

After some brainstorming I decided to add a piece of jersey at the side seams which would be easy to remove after the baby arrives which would accommodate my bump.

The instructions are impeccable, as is the drafting and they came together surprisingly quickly. My denim isn’t particularly thick but not very drapey so I reduced the side seams by another inch. the denim came from my stash as I didn’t want to buy yet more fabric for a project which might not work out. Luckily I love them!

2 thoughts on “Maternity Yanta overalls

  1. the elasticated side panels are a stroke of genius! i’m glad you didn’t have to wait until the baby is born to join the yanta gang!


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