Deer and Doe Myosotis dress

I love Deer and Doe releases, they just get it SO right. Last summer/spring? When they released the myosotis I immediately posted about them on Instagram and bless my boyfriend who bought me both the trousers and dress from the collection.

This is technically my third version of the myosotis dress. I made the first up in an old bed sheet but the fabric turned out to be too stiff and far too twee for my tastes now.

Then over Christmas I decided to make the dress but with the Roscoe blouse sleeves. I idiotically didn’t read the instructions properly and only cut one of the skirt! I had mere scraps of the fabric leftover and didn’t have enough to cut another. Figuring I could just cut the panel in half, I sewed it to the top and couldn’t get it over my hips! Determined not to let the fabric go to waste I used the bottom frill to make it into a top. Which I have. Worn. To. Death. Literally every week it’s been in my rotation!

When I got pregnant and I wanted to make some maternity friendly clothes immediately thought of this dress. It’s roomy and has buttons down the front which makes it nursing friendly. Win/win! Another clear hit, since I made it less than a week ago I’ve already worn it three times. Hooray for a clear wardrobe winner. I’ve already ordered some more rayon to make another as it’s so comfy and easy to wear.

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