Me Made May 2019

This year was the second fully successful, here’s last years Me Made May 18 although I have take part the past 4 years. I didn’t make an official pledge this year – most of my wardrobe doesn’t fit at the moment but I did document what I did wear.

Although not every day is documented there were only 2 days total I didn’t wear memade – mainly because I was fed up of wearing the same clothes! The days I didn’t take a photo were outfit repeat days.

As always there’s a massive floral theme – I can’t seem to get away from buying floral fabric! These are all major players in my wardrobe (pregnant or not) and I love every single piece. Especially those Named Alexandria peg sweatpants! I literally live in them especially on weekends. I also need another Kielo because that will be fab through the 3rd trimester.

A Make 9 Update

You’d think being pregnant that would’ve put a spanner in my Make 9 list but actually a lot of my make 9 was fairly maternity friendly.

1. the boxy tops I’ve shelved for now but I have plenty planned for post partum

2. The jordy bralette will definitely get made, but I’m planning on making it later in my pregnancy.

✅3. The suzon blouse I made in January before I fell pregnant.

4. The Roscoe is on my to make list shortly!

✅5. Penny dress (a fab maternity dress)

✅6. Fiona sundress – snook in at the end of last year!

7. Burda blazer – I actually changed this to the Ready to Sew and I have all the supplies just waiting for the motivation/time

8. the McCall’s shirt has been shelved for now due to it being fairly form fitting

✅ 9. The Myosotis dress which is BRILLIANT for maternity. I live in this dress and plan on making more.

4/9 completed so far and we’re only in May! I’m pretty happy with that.

Deer and Doe Myosotis dress

I love Deer and Doe releases, they just get it SO right. Last summer/spring? When they released the myosotis I immediately posted about them on Instagram and bless my boyfriend who bought me both the trousers and dress from the collection.

This is technically my third version of the myosotis dress. I made the first up in an old bed sheet but the fabric turned out to be too stiff and far too twee for my tastes now.

Then over Christmas I decided to make the dress but with the Roscoe blouse sleeves. I idiotically didn’t read the instructions properly and only cut one of the skirt! I had mere scraps of the fabric leftover and didn’t have enough to cut another. Figuring I could just cut the panel in half, I sewed it to the top and couldn’t get it over my hips! Determined not to let the fabric go to waste I used the bottom frill to make it into a top. Which I have. Worn. To. Death. Literally every week it’s been in my rotation!

When I got pregnant and I wanted to make some maternity friendly clothes immediately thought of this dress. It’s roomy and has buttons down the front which makes it nursing friendly. Win/win! Another clear hit, since I made it less than a week ago I’ve already worn it three times. Hooray for a clear wardrobe winner. I’ve already ordered some more rayon to make another as it’s so comfy and easy to wear.

Sewoverit Penny dress

I made a Sewoverit Penny dress out of Atelier Brunette rayon. I bought 2m as I usually do to find I was way way too short. I normally manage to do some Tetris and fit it on but that skirt is huge. I find this a lot with SOI patterns. The last one I made was the Eve dress and I had to do the same thing – order more fabric in the middle of a project. Honestly it’s put me off making their patterns (not that their schtick is really my style).

Anyway it was really nice to do some sewing for the first time in weeks! I’ve been tired and low on patience and it was sorely needed. I used some of the Kylie and the Machine labels I bought recently and I adore them 😍

I dislike the collar/facing instructions – it’s fiddly and my collar had a lot of ease in it. I’m almost felt like I needed to stretch out the bodice for it to fit. It didn’t help that I unpicked it, sewed it again and THEN realised I’d run out of bobbin thread 🤦🏻‍♀️

I couldn’t get the collar facing sewn properly, took four attempts or sewing/unpicking until I realised I’d sewn the facing down for the placket and that was stopping me from sewing it properly. That’s what you get for not following instructions!

It took a while to make this dress and as a result it’s one of my neatest makes for a while – I’ve had a tendency lately to rush through my sewing to get it finished but I enjoyed really taking my time.

It’s also another good maternity dress for which I made no adjustments, it has an elasticated waist and a long skirt which means as my bump gets bigger it shouldn’t need lots of adjustments. It’ll also be good for after baby with the button down front for nursing.