Chalk and Notch fringe dress and some news!

It’s been a while sewing friends. I got into a good place with my sewing, making things that I wore frequently and that fit in with my wardrobe. And then I got pregnant! We weren’t thinking about it for long and then hello positive pregnancy test. I was in shock for a few weeks and forced myself to make a Hinterland dress which was not my style anymore (because I thought it would be good maternity wear) and my sewing motivation went kaput.

We had an early scan for reassurance and little jelly bean is growing well. I’ve mainly spent the first trimester watching Netflix in bed – growing a baby with a full time job and a threenager is no mean feat.

Around 10 weeks my energy levels started to pick back up again and I managed to do some sewing!

I chose the Fringe dress because I’d seen another pregnant lady wear one and it has buttons down the front which makes it a good nursing dress.

I’m not interested in making clothes just for maternity so I’ve been making a lot of this style of dress. I’ve already made a Penny dress and a Myosotis dress which were dull to make due to being similar construction but they’ve been worn to death! The fabric is the ubiquitous Rifle Paper Co but I’ve had it so long I can’t remember where I bought it. Sadly I didn’t even buy any of the new collection because it just wasn’t to my taste.

The dress is easy to construct due to the kimono sleeves and the cuffs which are added on after. In order to make it maternity friendly I raised the waist a half inch and left the waist darts off. It’s a loose fitting dress which I love to wear whilst pregnant but also once the baby is here. These pictures were taken in Mevagissey, Cornwall at the beginning of our Cornish holiday.