2018 make nine

Last year I said I’d make the following;

I managed to make them all

except for the bag (which I totally forgot about and now doesn’t really go with my wardrobe) and the Harriet bra which I changed to the jordy bralette as I prefer wearing bras without underwire. I also swapped out the purse pattern as I knew I wasn’t going to make it otherwise. They were all hits in my handmade wardrobe except for the Hadley top which I detest and have never worn. I’m just not a pink person.

This years make nine is the following;

1) boxy tops – I’ve got a Burda pattern 2) jordy bralette 3) suzon blouse 4) roscoe blouse 5) penny shirt dress 6) Fiona sundress 7) Burda blazer 8) McCall’s shirt 9) Myosotis dress

The myosotis dress I think will be my Christmas Day dress (lots of room!) so technically it’s still 2018 but hey ho. I live on the edge (I don’t). I mostly need more tops as 2018 I made mostly a lot of trousers. All of these I have the planned fabric for except the blazer which I’ll need to get some nice wool suiting. I’m thinking a trip to fabworks over the Christmas holidays. Coming up soon is a review of my 2018 which are my favourite posts to read!

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