Handmade holiday

I just realised I never blogged about our trip to Canada! I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it on my blog before but my parents live in Vancouver and my sister in Calgary. They emigrated over there over 10 years ago now and every couple of years we go on an epic trip. Last time was in 2012 and we went on a road trip to San Francisco.

This time we did a lot of sight seeing, visited museums and hung out with my niece and nephew. We had a blast and ever better I got to wear a lot of my handmades. 90% of my wardrobe was handmade although I did go on an epic shopping trip and stock up on underwear. Despite having the supplies and patterns I can’t seem to bring myself to make underwear.

How do your handmades hold up?

I recently found a hole in my fairly new Kelly anorak, it’s under the armpit and going to require unpicking the hem to mend the armsyce.

I noticed recently on some of my clothes that there are a few things coming unravelled. The interfacing has come unstuck on my Kew dress and there’s a few bits fraying here and there on other items. It made me really sad thinking perhaps I hadn’t made them very well but actually I’m a lot harder on my me mades. Whereas a rtw item might get worn 2-3 times my me mades are the first to get picked to wear. Although maybe next time I’ll double stitch areas of high stress …