Exactly why I hate PDFs

*warning – lots of swearing ahead because that’s how PDF’s make me feel, go ahead and click “mark as read” if this ain’t your bag or if you love PDFs*

Let me take you on a journey through my current thought process of why I’m currently sat on a pile of leftover bits of paper and two empty rolls of sellotape…

It started with an image from Boden:

I put a call out on my stories asking for a similar pattern. Someone recommending hacking my own but then someone else recommended the Style Arc Tully pants.

This is the first time making a Style Arc pattern and annoying fact #1 is they are pdf only (not even an A0 in sight) and #2 they come in one size and not nested (although they do send you a size bigger and smaller they’re still on separate files).

Anyway I digress, back to the pdf itself. I hate them SO MUCH. For many reasons, such as:



And the fact that it took me an hour to stick it together and then I had to cut the fucking thing out!!

I know there are some diehard pdf fans out there but do yourself a favour and buy the effing paper pattern!

EDIT: I put the pattern pieces on the fabric to cut out and found that I don’t have enough fabric so it was all a waste of time anyway!

Autumn wardrobe planning

I feel like I’ve got my work wardrobe pretty sorted, I just need a couple of pairs of pants to add to my rotation. My summer wardrobe is still a little iffy and I’m wearing what I have rather than what I want due to limitations.

I’m still struggling with my “style” and trying to figure out what kind of outfits I like to wear. I’ve been doing some Pinterest pinning and come up with the following;

I love the slouchy/cropped top with tight/high waisted jeans look. I recently bought some cheap high waisted jeans which I adore so I’m going to remake a pair of Gingers. The Rumana coat has been on my list for ages I just need to find some decent camel wool coating. Fabric Godmother had some in but it’s all gone now. One thing I pinned a lot of was turtlenecks – I’ve added the Nikko top to my to-sew list.

The only problem is my stash doesn’t reflect what I want to wear. Anyone ever wish they could get rid of it all and just sew as they project planned!?

Make 9 review

I absolutely love sewing review posts like what the most worn garments are and which ones perhaps don’t get worn as much. It’s something I’m still trying to figure out – why one works and another doesn’t. I also love to see how much people can make in a month (my average is 3/4 items depending on difficulty and whether I’m on holiday!).

My make 9 this year was the following;

1: niizo craft bag. I absolutely love this kit but the £50 cost including shipping means I’m putting it off a bit.

2: Ginger jeans done ✅

3: Rumana coat will be made in a camel coating around September/October time ready for winter. If anyone sees any nice coating let me know!

4: Papercut Kyoto sweater done ✅

5: Harriet bra – not made yet!

6: Wallet – I’ve decide to make one of those clip purses instead as the wallet needs loads of findings and it’s affecting my motivation to make!

7: self drafted pencil skirt done ✅ and it gets worn a lot!

8: ✅ Sasha trousers were a complete fail due to fabric choice but I need some new work pants so will definitely be making these in September

9: Hadley top done ✅

5/9 items made so far, we’ll see if the others get made or if new and shiny patterns bump them off the list. How’s your make 9 going?