Lander shorts

Unlike the rest of Instagram I haven’t gone crazy for the Lander pants mostly because the cropped wide legged trend makes me feel sick (due to reminding me of my teenage years of wearing extremely wide legged trousers constantly – emoooooooo).

I think I’ve been drinking the instagram koolaid though as I’m eyeing up the Persephone pants and sloooooowly coming around to the idea. Not cropped though. Never cropped! No shade to those lovely ladies who rock this style – I have a weird hang up about my ankles and aren’t about to flash them around to every Tom Dick and Harry!

Anyway for some reason I decided to buy the pattern for the shorts. I haven’t got a clue why now – maybe it was for sew my style?

I checked the finished measurements and went for a 4 at the waist graded all the way out to a 10 at the hips. It worked a treat and they fit like a dream. I didn’t even have to adjust the side seams! I had to take a massive wedge out of my Gingers and Morgan’s to account for my swayback but these fit so well right out of the packet.

The instructions are clear and the fly front went better than any I’ve used (full disclaimer though there are less pattern pieces as it’s exposed).

I absolutely love the pocket construction, she has you fold over the top, sew inside out and then turn, it makes the whole pocket turn and makes for a nice change. I’m not keen on how large the butt pockets are as they are one size and they’re square, I think I’d swap them out for some jeans pockets.

I used some leftover denim I bought at the first Sew Up North. I got 3 metres of stretch denim from the market and no joke I’ve made a pair of dungarees, a rosari skirt and now a pair of shorts! Now that’s what I call sewing leftovers.

When I went to attach the waistband it came up way too short. Watch out for this and cut your waistband with some additional length. I asked Kelli on IG about it and she said something about the bias stretching? I think it’s a pattern drafting error honestly.

I added an inch and a half to the bottom to try and preserve some modesty. They’re really short. Which I think is needed because when I tried them on they immediately reminded me of those mom shorts you see which hit at mid thigh and are wide legged.

These babies have being getting A LOT of wear in this heatwave (summer) we’re having. I’ve noticed sometimes they give me a wedgie so the best pair I’ll scoop the curve out, use a curved waistband and idk what those smile lines from!? Any ideas?

2018 in review

So far in 2018 I have made the following:


Sewaholic Liberty blouse 4/5 (not 5/5 because it needs flipping ironing constantly).

Self drafted jersey pencil skirt 5/5. This would 100% get worn all the time except I keep losing it!?

No photos of this as he never wears it 😩 literally never making him anything ever again.

Gary’s Fairfield button up shirt 0/5


No pictures of these as they have terrible leg twist and made of horrendous fabric. They’re also 2 sizes too big πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Sasha trousers 0/5

Kelly anorak 4/5

Only isn’t 5/5 as the arms are a wee bit short and it drives me batty!

Alice top 5/5


Hacked Hadley top 1/5

I hate this top so much. I made the elastic too tight for the cuffs and the ruffled part isn’t long enough.

Lois dress 5/5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress!!

Kielo wrap dress 3/5

I’m not keen on this style on me. I think the wings could do with being higher to hit my waist.


Cassiopee dress 5/5

Roscoe blouse 4/5 – needs the neckline to be higher as it slips down and can be obscene!

Ultimate wrap dress 4/5 – waist is too low and the bias drags the jersey down. It’s wearable for now and is one of my favourite work dresses.

Black ginger jeans 5/5

BHL Sabrina dress 4/5


Kew dress 4/5

Jessica dress 5/5 – my favourite make this year! (So far)

Ogden cami 4/5 (use the facing not bias binding as it always flips out!) and Lander shorts 4/5 (love these but they give me a wedgie sometimes!)


Embroidered Anna dress 3/5 purely for it being a pain in the arse to sew!

Black tutu skirt (wearing underneath)

I’ve not done much sewing lately due to being away/marking for the exam board. I’m getting a bit done here and there but I’m looking forward to a few baby free days when we break up for summer to really crack out some summer makes!

Total: 20 makes (only 3 waders πŸ’ͺ🏻)

Tops x6

Dresses x8

Pants x2

Skirt x2

Shorts x1

Coat x1