Me Made May 18: the last few days and what I’ve learned

Day 28:

I finished these Lander shorts and immediately put them on with my Inari linen top

Day 29:

A surprise birthday trip to London to tour the Harry Potter studios! I tried to wear my shorts again but the weather turned so I swapped for my Morgan jeans.

In the evening we went out for Thai food and I wore my Kew dress (again!)

Day 30:

We went to oxford and I didn’t get an outfit picture but it was my Morgan jeans and McCalls gingham shirt. This basically:

Day 31:

Lazing around the house in my boyfriends clothes but in the evening I went out for a meal with some friends and wore my maxi Anna

One thing I’ve learned this May is that the makes I don’t wear have been relegated for a reason and it’s probably best to free up the wardrobe space and donate or sell them. When I first started sewing I didn’t really have a sense of “style” or at least my style/what I wanted to wear.

I definitely need more casual knit tops in my wardrobe but I think with rtw I’ve got a good mix. I didn’t miss my blue Levis as much as I thought and I still know that I hate ironing!

Another thing I knew but me Made May help cement was that I barely have any summer clothes! We’ve had some beautiful weather lately and it’s been hard trying to dress for it. Luckily I’d already started sewing for Barcelona/Canada and so I have some summer clothes. I have a few more pieces to sew and then I should be all set!

The last thing I learned is I need to buy more plain fabric. I’ve seen some lovely makes during me Made May Made from *shock* none patterned fabric! I do love my brightly coloured floral prints but I need something to pair them with.

I really didn’t think I’d learn much this year but it helped figure out some gaps and things to think about moving forward.

Last thing – some stats:

Most worn: Kelly anorak/ginger jeans followed by Morgan jeans and my Kew dress (3 wears so far!)

Most worn designer is definitely True Bias with her Southport dress, 3(!) Ogden camis, Roscoe blouse and a pair of Lander shorts.

3 thoughts on “Me Made May 18: the last few days and what I’ve learned

  1. Just caught up with all your #mmmay posts. Such fab outfits! Although I didn’t take part this year, I’ve been thinking about my wardrobe while it’s been on. Like you, I need some solids desperately. But I always get distracted by the colourful prints. I need to be more strict with myself while shopping. And unlike you, I’m OK in the summer but struggle in the winter. I need to make more jeans, I think. I’m such a wuss when it comes to dresses/skirts with tights when it’s cold.


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