Sewing fail – Sasha trousers

I knew this project would be a fail as soon as I pulled the fabric out of the washing machine to see the dye had run and now had become a marble effect of blue lines. People rave about fabworks but the only fabric I’ve ever bought from there has been awful. The first lot was a polka dot jersey which pilled as soon as I looked at it and now this!

The second time I knew it would be a fail was when I received my paper pattern and saw it’s for stretch fabric only.

The third time was when I’d finished them to see the right leg was twisting so badly it was coming all the way around to the front.

I need black pants so badly for work that I actually still wear them but as soon as I find time to make a replacement they’ll be gone! It makes me so sad to be reminded of my sewing fail every time I wear them but it reminded me to stay humble and that we all have fails every now and again.

How would you describe your style?

I’ve always loved wearing clothes as an expression of how I feel; if you ever see me wearing all black/dark colours then I’m in a terrible mood!

I’ve gone through so many phases; during uni it was the emo/goth phase and wearing of big chunky army boots. Mostly inspired by Effy from Skins. Oh how I wished I could sew back then! I had so many ideas of what I wanted to wear but couldn’t find it in the shops.

After that I went for the more grown up version of goth by filling my wardrobe full of All Saints, until they changed their style.

Then after I broke up with my long term boyfriend it was the slutty, very revealing clothes phase. Yes that zip did go all the way to the bottom!

When I started my teacher training I went back to the emo phase. During my actual teaching I went through a style crisis some of which involved a Cath Kidston phase of wearing pretty florals but mostly inspired by Zooey Deschanel and The Fringe.

A few years later it was my Cabbages and Roses phase of wanting to dress like a mad Victorian lady.

Currently I’m in the wear all the bright floral prints phase but a more pared down and professional version than the CK prints I used to covet. I’ve gone for a short bob and growing out my fringe.

One look I always wanted to properly try but couldn’t find the clothes to match was the Boho style. I’ve had a brief fling with this style throughout the years.

It’s interesting to see how my style has changed over the years. I can see how each style has coincided with major life events; leaving uni/starting teaching/moving in with Gary/having a baby and I still use clothes to reflect how I’m feeling. More recently though as I can’t change my style as quick as I can sew I’ve been expressing myself through my hair which has changed umpteen times since I had Emily!

How would you describe your style? Mine? Definitely eclectic!