Hits and misses of 2017

I absolutely love reading these posts about what people have loved and hated about what they’ve made. I find it really interesting.

Misses of 2017

Cleo dungaree dress

I’m not gonna lie I feel ridiculous in this dress. I think because I have a toddler I just feel really stupid if I’m dressed similarly to her! It was a 50/50 choice of making the cleo or another Pauline Alice Rosari skirt so I think I’m going to refashion it and see if it gets more wear.

Turia dungarees

My Turia dungarees have fallen in the same category. Although looking at this picture I might need to try give them another go!

McCalls M6696

I have no idea why I don’t love this dress as much as I was expecting. I think the lack of sleeves makes it harder to wear and the full skirt makes me feel too dressed up. It’s too twee for work and too dressy for a weekend.

Archer shirt

This Archer shirt has no sleeves and is totally the wrong length. I think I needs refashioning but I’m gutted this fabric which I adore isn’t getting worn.

Hits of 2017

Cascade duffle coat

I’m not going to lie I’m super proud of this coat. It’s the most time and effort (and most expensive!) project I’ve ever made. I absolutely love it.

Morgan jeans

As soon as I made these jeans I didn’t take them off for 4 days! The only reason I peeled them off was because they got muddy!

Alexandria peg trousers

I’ve worn and worn these to death! They’re comfy and easy to wear. Great for work too!

Sewoverit Eve dress

This Eve dress is fairly new but I find myself reaching for it straight out of the wash. It’s easy to wear, requires no ironing and makes me feel really put together.


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