2018 Make Nine

I really enjoyed the 2017 challenge although I didn’t have 9 items on my list! Most of the items have been heavily worn and thought out.

And so here’s my 2018 make nine:

I’ve got some rifle paper co canvas to make a bag and this pattern from Niizo looks perfect.

I bought the Kyoto sweater in the Black Friday sale and some of the Atelier Brunette sweatshirting. I need more casual weekend tops and my winter wear is mainly rtw.

I need more variety in my work wardrobe. I’ve got some grey jersey in my stash and plan on drafting a pattern. There’s loads of tutorials online.

I had a lot of success with my Morgan jeans this year and I’ve been my most worn/reached for. I’m going to down a size and try again for some black skinnies and some indigo in cone mills denim.

Out of my whole wardrobe – seasonal, work, leisure – it’s underwear I actually need! Most of my bras don’t fit well since having Emily which is surprising considering my clothes do.

I’m desperately in need of some new work trousers. I binned the only black rtw pair I had. Put a hole in the grey ultimate trousers and the only plain pair I have are my port trousers which are too casual. The other pairs are patterned and don’t go with everything! The sasha trousers look perfect but I might just crack out a couple of ultimate trousers as they don’t require stretch cotton.

This coat!!!!!!! The By Hand London Rumana coat hasn’t been released yet but look at it! It’s stunning. I’m still not brave enough to tackle a big 4 coat due to patchy instructions and this one looks perfect. I’d like to make it in either a classic camel or mustard.

I need a new purse as mine is just too bulky and this one by Noodlehead looks perfect! I’m not sure I have enough of the rifle paper co canvas for both a bag and a purse though so I may have to buy some contrasting canvas to go with it.

Lastly the Hadley top which I also purchased during Black Friday. I’m not reposting the awful photos she has on her website (her previous models were so much better and less awkward) and I think the Hadley has been overlooked. I’d like to make a couple of plaid Hadley’s and maybe even a dress length to use up some of my stash.

My sewyear resolutions are the same as last year; no new patterns or fabric! Of course I didn’t stick to it (thanks to the Rifle Paper Co new release) but I did stop myself from buying fabric without a pattern in mind. I have reduced my stash considerably too and I don’t buy nearly half as much fabric as I did. I may do a one-in-one-out policy once I have used the majority up. I’d also like to blog more as I really enjoy writing up a project at the end.

And that’s it! Of course I’ll end up making more than 9 items next year but this is a great starting point! What are your sewing plans for next year? Any big projects to tackle?


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