Sewoverit Eve dress

This dress was destined to be made from a different fabric but sewoverit patterns tend to be large fabric eaters and I didn’t have enough. Then fabric godmother sent out a money off coupon. I’d had my eye on this chaffinch crepe for a while and snapped it up. The fabric was a nightmare to sew, my machine kept gathering the fabric and even with new needles and thread and a lower stitch length I couldn’t get it to stitch straight. I don’t usually have a problem sewing viscose/crepe and so I’m wondering if my machine may need a service?

It didn’t take long for this dress to jump my sewing queue. I cut a size 8 graded to a 10 for the waist and hips. I sewed the bodice and then left it for a week. Unfortunately I think this stretched the front out because no matter how I wrap it the front gapes. Hence the camisole underneath. I ordered some stay tape but it didn’t arrive in time so I used some lightweight interfacing to stabilise the bias.

I think if I make another Eve dress I will shorten the bodice as it’s a little long for my torso.

Emily told me I looked like a princess in my pretty dress – hell I’ll take that! What a compliment.


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