Sewoverit Eve dress

This dress was destined to be made from a different fabric but sewoverit patterns tend to be large fabric eaters and I didn’t have enough. Then fabric godmother sent out a money off coupon. I’d had my eye on this chaffinch crepe for a while and snapped it up. The fabric was a nightmare to sew, my machine kept gathering the fabric and even with new needles and thread and a lower stitch length I couldn’t get it to stitch straight. I don’t usually have a problem sewing viscose/crepe and so I’m wondering if my machine may need a service?

It didn’t take long for this dress to jump my sewing queue. I cut a size 8 graded to a 10 for the waist and hips. I sewed the bodice and then left it for a week. Unfortunately I think this stretched the front out because no matter how I wrap it the front gapes. Hence the camisole underneath. I ordered some stay tape but it didn’t arrive in time so I used some lightweight interfacing to stabilise the bias.

I think if I make another Eve dress I will shorten the bodice as it’s a little long for my torso.

Emily told me I looked like a princess in my pretty dress – hell I’ll take that! What a compliment.


The elusive perfect shirt dress

One of my favourite things to wear and to sew is the shirt dress. However I have yet to find my perfect pattern!

I’ve made the McCalls 7387 which has kimono sleeves and isn’t fitted around the waist. This is my favourite of all my shirt dresses. I tend to wear it with a belt.

The Alder shirtdress should be perfect on paper but the lack of sleeves makes it difficult to wear. I’m always cold and I need sleeves or a cardigan! I also find it comes up too short to wear for work with leggings and it looks weird with jeans.

The view B of the Alder is too short and sleeveless. I found that the chambray is not holding up to being washed a lot and so although I do like this version I try not to wear it too often.

And finally the ubiquitous McCalls 6696 which every blogger under the sun has made. I think that the fabric is too bulky and the skirt sticks out too much. It makes for a nice shirt dress which is too twee for work and too dressy for a weekend! I might swap out the buttons for wooden ones and see if it gets worn anymore.

Next in the shirtdress queue is Bruyere. It has sleeves and not a super full skirt so I’m hopeful it might be my perfect shirtdress!? Any recommendations of your favourites?

2017 make nine

My make nine wasn’t so much 9 items but actually 5.

I realised the other day that we’re not even in November and I’ve already finished my make 5!

The Alder shirtdress in plaid which sadly doesn’t get worn much due to being sleeveless/a weird length.

The cascade duffle coat in red wool which is my absolute favourite make ever!

Pauline Alice Turia dungarees sadly don’t get much wear due to feeling (and looking) like an overgrown toddler/children’s presenter.

Pauline Alice Rosari skirt which I absolutely love to pieces. I love the A line shape and the buttons down the front add a nice touch.

And the Sewoverit ultimate trousers. Sadly I’ve just had to retire the grey pair as I could not get the invisible zip to be invisible and I kept trying to fix it until I cut a hole in them with my seam ripper. They got a lot of wear before – invisible or no invisible zip!

The grey pair were very large so I went down a size on the polka dot pair. A consequence of this is that I keep busting out of the side seams! They don’t get as much wear because they’re usually in my to mend pile…

Please excuse the butt shot!! I’ve never taken any pictures of these properly.

Overall not too bad. Most of these have gotten a tonne of wear, only 2 ‘duds’ which isn’t bad going really!

Now to have a think about my 2018 make nine…