Morgan jeans

As soon as I finished my coat I knew I didn’t want a simple project. I wanted to finally make the Morgan jeans.

You’d think after sewing the same thing for over a month I’d be keen to knock some quick projects out but I’m starting to really enjoy the process of sewing and breaking each step down and doing a little bit here and there. I find with small quick projects I try to rush and finish quickly.

I have some topshop mom style jeans but they have so many (fashionable) holes in that they’re really cold to wear! I love the fit and colour of them so fancied replicating the style. The fabric is from empress mills and Gary bought me the denim and pattern for my birthday.

I loved every minute of making these. Heather’s instructions are clear and concise. I ummed and aahed about the size for a little while. One of the many reasons my gingers didn’t work out was because I cut them 2 sizes too big!

I decided on a 10 based on my measurements (32,28,39). Whilst I was making the front I thought they looked tiny and was really worried about them fitting but they fit like a glove!

I basted together and then decided to leave them instead of unpicking and resewing. Turns out if you do this then you can’t topstitch the inseam! Duh 🙄.

took out a large wedge from the back seam to account for my swayback and that was the only adjustment needed. They were super tight when I tried them on but over the course of the day they’ve loosened up (just like Heather said they would).

ne thing I would say is when sewing the waistband is measure the band to check it’s the right width. Mine gets wider at the end for some reason. Also if you mark the corners when topstitching you know when to pivot.

I’ve got a bit of gaping on the fly because I was worried they’d be too tight so moved the button further towards the middle of the fly. If I’d followed the instructions they wouldn’t gape!

They don’t look perfect in the photos but trust me in real life they’re a great fit.

All in all I’m incredibly happy with them! I’ve wanted some handmade jeans for ages and these fit even better than all those Levi’s I have. Even better is they only took a week to make and cost less than £20. Win!


4 thoughts on “Morgan jeans

    1. They’re surprisingly easy! The hardest thing I found was to fit the gingers. I’d recommend basting before you do all the topstitching on the side seams and see how they fit first!


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