Another Harriet bra

I made a second harriet bra and I’ve no idea why it took me so long to make another because out of my whole wardrobe it’s bras that I actually need. 

I spent 4/5 hours making this bra due to unpicking nearly every fecking seam. Some more than once. There was lots of swearing and after all that the bloody thing doesn’t even fit! The cups are fine – perhaps could be a touch larger and the band size is too small. I made a 30D based on my measurements (normally 32D in rtw) and in the next I definitely need to go up a band size and perhaps a cup size too. I’d like a bit more room/width in the bridge too.

 I was going to make some matching knickers but I don’t have the right colour of fold over elastic (or any FOE for that matter). 

  • Make a muslin out the right fabric
  • Remeasure yourself after you know you’ve put weight on after the week of takeaways whilst decorating/marking exam papers 
  • Don’t overstretch the lace when sewing
  • Lingerie bows hide a multitude of sins

If you’re expecting me to move on and try other bra patterns you’ve got no chance! The harriet bra is the bra for me, it’s what I look for in a ready to wear bra and will be great to customise with different lace and fabrics. I’m going to make a foam lined bra next with some Rifle Paper co scraps. I think I’ve officially caught the bra bug!

If you’re hesitating at all because you think it’s hard, it’s really not. The trickiest thing is sewing those flimsy fabrics and finding all the supplies. Grab a bra making kit off etsy and have a go! I got this kit from Tailor Made shop in Canada but there are few closer to home such as Elise patterns or Studio Costura.