Summer of basics

Karen over at Fringe Association is hosting the Summer of Basics where you sew or knit 3 garments over 3 months. The deadline is the 31st August which leaves me plenty of time… well you’d think so except I have to mark 150 exam papers in between. Luckily I finish work at the end of June so I’m hoping to squeeze some sewing time in. 

Seeing as I can’t knit for toffee I’m going to be sewing all 3 items. Depending on how pushed for time I am I will be sewing either:

  1. Cascade duffle coat in red wool blend (all I need is lining and the toggles)
  2. Republique du Chiffon Suzon blouse in white dobby cotton (from the stash)
  3. Polka dot Ultimate trousers (already made)

Or if I manage to get a lot more sewing done than expected then I’ll be making:

  1. Cascade duffle coat
  2. Burda chambray shirt (already cut out but not started sewing)
  3. Ginger jeans in cone mills denim (ordered but not arrived yet)

I already have a muslin of the jeans which need a massive swayback adjustment and to go down a size however the denim is coming from Canada. So we shall see! I’m looking forward to getting my coat finished for autumn (let’s face it coat weather is never really done in the uk) and having more of my to sew list completed! If you’re interested it currently looks like this:

One of my favourite things about finishing a project is deleting it from my list! #geek


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