Pauline Alice Rosari skirt

I’ve been wanting a button down skirt for about a year now. I bought one from Prinark but it didn’t fit right and it was way too short. I always planned on making a Rosari skirt (it was on my make 9 list) but it was originally going to be yellow corduroy. I ended up using my corduroy to make a Cleo (unblogged) and so decided to make a denim one instead. 

I really enjoyed making this skirt. It came together almost without a hitch. However as I was attaching the waistband I realised it was 2 inches too short! I was between sizes – the 36 was an inch too small on the waist and the 38 would be an inch too big. I went for the 36 graded to a 38 at the hips. I reduced the seam allowance by 1cm on each seam (3 in total) but that didn’t explain the massive gap. 

I ended up cutting a new waistband at a size 40 – 2 sizes bigger! I’ve no idea why there’s such a difference. There is supposed to be 3cm seam allowance for the front of the waistband and so the reduction in seams doesn’t explain the gap. The same thing happened when I made the Port trousers (also by Pauline Alice) which makes me think perhaps a drafting issue but no one else seems to have had a problem. 

I went for a contrasting topstitching thread because I love topstitching. It’s just so satisfying! 

I used Liberty fabric for the pockets leftover from a Violet blouse I made (also unblogged).

I had an absolute nightmare with the buttonholes. I used topstitching thread and they look atrocious. At least the button covers it!
The buttons come from eBay. They were dirt cheap and you can tell. I’ve had to buy a load of new zips for old handmades because buying cheap doesn’t last. I should know this by now!

Excuse the wrinkles but I’ve been wearing it all morning!

I’m wearing my Rosari skirt with a lark tshirt. 


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