Weekend adventures and an Inari tee dress

Blogposts from me are like buses, you wait ages and then two come along at once!

I’ve made the Inari as a top but never made the dress. I love the top but it’s linen and the sleeves are a little tight. I knew when (and it would be when, not if!) that I needed to make some adjustments. 

When cutting the tee dress I added the seam allowance but forgot to do it on the sleeve! Typical. I also only had a metre of this cotton jersey from Merchant & Mills so I had to shorten the dress in order to get the sleeves cut out. Luckily I had lengthened it considerably so it didn’t make it indecently short. 

Despite my first being too tight, this one has a lot of ease especially around the centre front. I may take a wedge out in future. It just goes to show fabric choice really does affect the fit of your clothes. I had some trouble sewing the side seam vents and a facing would be a neater way of finishing the hem. 

I absolutely love the dress, it’s a perfect basic and I can definitely see many more in my future. 

We spent the day with my inlaws and we went to the Deep in Hull to take Emily to see the “tish!” She absolutely loved it. 

Then we drove up the coast to Filey and ate fish and chips. Funnily enough Emily wasn’t all that keen on eating her fish this time! She’s a clever cookie is our girl. All in all a gorgeous day and I even got to do some sewing when Emily was in bed. Perfect! 

Emily’s face cracks me up. Her favourite thing at the moment is scowling at people. Oh and I had my fringe cut on Friday and I’m so pissed off! Why are hairdressers incapable of cutting a decent fringe!?

This was after I tried to sort it out. Humph. 


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