Harriet Bra

Hey guys, I noticed I’ve gotten a few new followers lately so hi! I do sometimes feel like I’m talking to myself on here as you don’t get instant feedback like you do on say Instagram but I enjoy blogging even if no-one is listening!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, life has been really busy. I’ve been teaching a sewing class at Simply Solids in huddersfield once a week on top of being a mama and my nearly full time job as a teacher. I’ve been lucky if I’ve had the energy to sew! Luckily I get lots of lovely holidays and on one childfree day I managed to do some sewing. 

Quite a lot of sewing actually. I’ve cut the Rosari skirt, the Kim pattern (but not fabric), cut and sewed an Inari and finally this Harriet bra. And it’s only day 3!

Sewing a bra has been on my wish list for a while. It feels like a new challenge considering the terminology is all completely new. I’ve been hoarding bra kits for a while but needed some time to sit down to think about what I was doing. I’ve also been breastfeeding so it seemed daft spending time making a bra for my bust to change size once I’d finished. I was planning on sewing the Watson bra (which I have printed) but then Norma released the Harriet which is closest to the style I would normally wear. I couldn’t resist and bought it there and then.  

To celebrate stopping breastfeeding (at 14 months) I finally took the plunge and cut the Harriet pieces. 

Next time I will get my rotary cutter and board out. Those pieces are teeny and fiddly to cut especially in fine fabrics. I’d also like some spray adhesive to keep the lining and shell together. 

I sewed up the bra over two sessions and it took a total of 3-4 hours. It came together relatively easily with just a little confusion over the channeling and finishing the bottom edge of the elastic. I was using random bits of elastic purchased from Very Kerry Berry on Instagram and it’s possible I used the wrong width. Anyway the channeling finishing the elastic wouldn’t fit and I ended up ripping my zig zag stitches out. I’m still not sure where I went wrong. 

The way a bra is constructed it is difficult to try on first. I measured at 30D and my usual  RTW size is a 32. I decided to trust the pattern and go with the smaller band size. I held the cups against my bust and it seemed like it would fit but you can’t check the fit until it’s completely finished!

I finally sewed the hooks and eyes on (wrong way round) and omg. The fit is insane. I never had a problem with the way my RTW bras fit, until now! The support is amazing and so snug. I can’t actually believe how well it fits out of the packet. Despite having never sewn a bra before it came together so well and looks really professional. The instructions are well written and clear. 

The fabric came from Very Kerry Berry destash on Instagram and the findings/elastic/underwires came from Elise patterns. As you can see the bra is totally see through and therefore definitely no modelling! I sewed this as a muslin and almost wish I’d used my fancy laces it went so well. 

If you’re thinking of sewing a bra but are put off, please don’t be. If you can sew a straight line and a zig zag stitch you can make a bra! If you want some help and you’re around the Huddersfield area we’re planning on making this bra as a class at Simply Solids too 🙂



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