Turia dungarees

Ever since making my Roberts collection dungarees I wanted to try the Turia dungarees. The Roberts are more of an overall and the turia more of a traditional dungaree. My Roberts are now about 2 inches too big and I was missing having them in my wardrobe!

After buying some bargain denim from BnM (£18 for 3 metres) and trawling through Instagram and blog posts I set about making my version. 

I decided after seeing everyone else’s to lower the front by 2 inches and extend the bib by the same amount. I thought the length of the front looked a little odd especially the pockets. I wanted the bib to hit more around my hips than the waist. Turns out this was one of my more stupid ideas. My hips are the widest point and I’m more suited to clothes that hit at the waist. This is what they looked like:

I kept trying them on after a sewing session here and there and I just wasn’t happy. A quick tweet and Amy and Rachel suggested adding a waistband. I had thought of it but dismissed it due the closure. I figured it was worth moving to make them more flattering. 

I feel more comfortable in them with the waistband and it’s less obvious that I’ve had a baby! Thanks to breastfeeding I’m in pretty great shape but I still have a belly. 

After some stalling I finally finished these last night and installed the buttons this morning. I took my Turias and my wee family to Haworth – home of the Brontes and braved the snow(!) to take some photos. 

I slimmed the legs down – I sewed a 38 grading to 40 but then ended up taking them in by a good two inches. Could be the stretch of my denim as I fit the finished measurements (hips 39 inches, waist 28 and bust 34). I also sewed the straps in at an angle after someone commented about the straps sitting funny. 

The excess fabric is because the hem is caught on my boots. I also ommited the zip closure and added jeans buttons. 

The clips I pinched from my Roberts dungrees which were originally from eBay. 

The topstitching isn’t actually wonky!! I used the bib to display my pin collection. 

We had a lovely day wandering around Haworth drinking hot chocolate and people watching. 

Now onto the next project… I have no idea what to sew next which isn’t like me at all! I’m still on a shirtdress kick so possibly an archer-Alder mashup. 

Rifle Paper Co Anna dress

I loved my first Anna dress so much that I knew it wouldn’t be long before I made another. This one a little more wearable as my first is a maxi dress and feels very dressy!I substituted the Anna skirt out for a pleated skirt as the original skirt has too many panels and eats fabric. The Rifle Paper Co rayon is stunning, one of my favourite fabrics ever, but it’s only 110 cm wide and therefore limited. I only had 2 metres and I used every last scrap making this dress. I have a tiny fat quarter sized square left!

The dress is based off a Dorothy Perkins dress which is purple but a similar style to this. However that one literally fell apart in the wash, the waist ties came apart from the side seams after 2 washes!
To copy that dress I added a waistband which gives a neat finish to the insides and a pleated skirt. 

There was a bit of excess in the back. I had to take 2 inches out and resew the zip! I’m not sure why as my other version was fine except I’ve lost a fair bit of weight since that one. 

I was playing around with my new tripod and remote on Christmas Day hence why I’m wedged in between our table and sofa! 

I absolutely love the style of the Anna but I’m a little dubious on the drafting especially as the front only just fit but the back was miles too big, a problem I’ve never had before?

I love wearing handmade clothes at work, it feels like a really special treat and brightens my day up! I’m really trying to sew a mix of work and weekend clothes so that I get the most out of every outfit. 

Happy new year everyone!