2017 Re-sew-lutions 

My 2016 re-sew-lutions consisted of the following:

I didn’t make the Watson bra (yet – I’ve been hoarding bra kits for when I’m done nursing) or the wool skirt but I did make everything else! 

So here’s my resolutions for 2017:

Mustard corduroy Pauline Alice Rosari skirt

Clearly I’m blatantly copying Lauren here and ever since I saw her version I needed to copy it. It took me ages to find similar fabric, trawled every fabric shop I could think of.. turns out all I had to do was google mustard corduroy fabric! *rolls eyes* I also want a denim version and I’ve got 3 metres of denim that needs sewing up. 

Pauline Alice Turia dungarees

Whilst I love Marilla Walker’s dungarees they’re more like overalls and so I’ve just ordered to PA version. I’ve got some railroad stripe denim in my stash which will be perfect! Also a plain denim version as they will go with everything. 

A billion shirt dresses

Clearly I’m not over my shirt dress kick and I’m planning at least 3 plaid versions and a chambray. All from the stash! I’m planning on making another McCalls M6885 and an Alder/Archer mash up. 

Grainline Cascade coat

This is one I can’t shop the stash for, the cost of boiled wool is putting me off for now so a trip to Leeds may be in order and see if I can find some a little cheap. £30 a metre is steep even for me! 

SewOverIt Ultimate trousers 

I’ve had this trouser pattern for years and even considered giving it away but I’m really enjoying sewing for work. It’s like a little bit of happiness before my morning coffee. These will be super easy to knock out and there’s loads of appropriate fabric in my stash. 

My main resolution for 2017 is to NOT buy any patterns or fabric unless absolutely necessary. Whilst on maternity leave my stash doubled as I had lots of thinking time but no sewing time. I now have a lovely collection of fabric that’s collecting dust! I currently have a gorgeous order coming from Blackbird fabrics (my favourite fabric shop) and then that is it (apart from coating/lining fabric). I have a wedding to save for!!


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