2016 Round Up

In 2016 I made 15 garments; 8 dresses, 1 pair of jeans, 1 skirt, 2 tops, 1 pair of dungarees and 2 pairs of trousers. Here are my hits and misses of the year.


Robert Collection dungarees – well until I split the crotch seam that is and they’re too big now. I really want to make some Turia dungarees but the paper pattern is sold out everywhere and I HATE HATE HATE PDFs!

Anna/Southport maxi dress – absolutely love this dress, I just wish I had more occasions to wear it! I almost considered shortening it so I could wear it more often!

Red heart skirt – worn to death until the weather turned colder. A little too big on the waist now.

Alexandria trousers – easy to wear and great for work. They feel really smart and they’re made of my absolute favourite ever fabric collection.

Alder shirt dress – I love the fabric, the style, it feels very ‘me’. Worn and washed to death.


Ginger jeans – I need a swayback adjustment and have no idea how to do one. The waistband came up really big and so they were worn for a few hours. Shame because it put me off jeans sewing as I have no idea how to correct the fit. They did make me realise I don’t need to sew everything, there’s nothing wrong with the 6 pairs of identical Levi’s I have especially as they fit really well.

Ultimate wrap dress – worn once and then washed but the fabric (from Fabworks) has already faded and it looks terrible. Not to mention it’s very revealing and very short!

McCalls denim shirt – I don’t like how wide and deep the button placket is and the dress comes up  quite short. It was only worn a few times.

Emery button front dress – far far far too big for me now. I made it very early on after having Emily. I’m still mourning this fabric as it came from a Cabbages and Roses fabric sale and is very special to me.

Seersucker Cynthia Rowley dress – something about the fit is off with this dress and I caught one of the pleats in the waist seam so it doesn’t sit flat. Everything about it is wrong (to me).

I’m trying to fix the handmade clothes that I don’t like. For example this Emery dress didn’t get worn because I felt frumpy with the high neck and long sleeves so I chopped them off. Now I love it!


This year I’ve learned to stick to the style I know that I will love as otherwise all that hard work is for nothing! I really need to start doing muslins on a regular basis too but that’s unlikely to start happening!!


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