A quilt for grandma

When Emily was a few weeks old grandma (my mother in law) saw the triangle baby quilt I made and asked if I would make her a quilt. Now I’m forever in her debt as she kept me sane during the intense newborn days and so I was more than happy to oblige. That doesn’t mean that it didn’t take me a year to get around to doing it though… 

It’s backed by the same fabric I used for Emily’s baby quilt and it’s lovely and soft. I think it’s Carolyn Friedlander. 

The ombré effect comes from a Moda charm pack with 5 inch squares. I made half square triangles out of them and another fabric from my stash – the black textured one. The binding comes from the same piece of fabric. The HST were done months and months ago but I couldn’t bring myself to sew them together, not when I needed a new work wardrobe! #selfishsewing

All the fabric comes from Simply Solids in Huddersfield where I occasionally teach a dressmaking class. 

I actually really enjoyed making this quilt. It’s the fourth I’ve made. I only ever seem to make quilts for other people. However I usually find it incredibly dull. All that straight line sewing – yawn!! I managed to sew half the quilt top, quilt and bind it within a few days. It’s amazing what a deadline can do! Although I wish I’d not stressed over Christmas so much as I’ve made myself poorly and there’s really no need. 

I also figured out my sewing superpower – I can measure distance accurately by eye. I cut this binding without measuring!

And that’s the one and only Christmas present I made this year. I’ve sworn off making things for other people as I don’t feel it’s appreciated. I’ve made plenty of things and literally never even seen it again! Selfish sewing all the way…. 

Merry Christmas everyone!


2017 Re-sew-lutions 

My 2016 re-sew-lutions consisted of the following:

I didn’t make the Watson bra (yet – I’ve been hoarding bra kits for when I’m done nursing) or the wool skirt but I did make everything else! 

So here’s my resolutions for 2017:

Mustard corduroy Pauline Alice Rosari skirt

Clearly I’m blatantly copying Lauren here and ever since I saw her version I needed to copy it. It took me ages to find similar fabric, trawled every fabric shop I could think of.. turns out all I had to do was google mustard corduroy fabric! *rolls eyes* I also want a denim version and I’ve got 3 metres of denim that needs sewing up. 

Pauline Alice Turia dungarees

Whilst I love Marilla Walker’s dungarees they’re more like overalls and so I’ve just ordered to PA version. I’ve got some railroad stripe denim in my stash which will be perfect! Also a plain denim version as they will go with everything. 

A billion shirt dresses

Clearly I’m not over my shirt dress kick and I’m planning at least 3 plaid versions and a chambray. All from the stash! I’m planning on making another McCalls M6885 and an Alder/Archer mash up. 

Grainline Cascade coat

This is one I can’t shop the stash for, the cost of boiled wool is putting me off for now so a trip to Leeds may be in order and see if I can find some a little cheap. £30 a metre is steep even for me! 

SewOverIt Ultimate trousers 

I’ve had this trouser pattern for years and even considered giving it away but I’m really enjoying sewing for work. It’s like a little bit of happiness before my morning coffee. These will be super easy to knock out and there’s loads of appropriate fabric in my stash. 

My main resolution for 2017 is to NOT buy any patterns or fabric unless absolutely necessary. Whilst on maternity leave my stash doubled as I had lots of thinking time but no sewing time. I now have a lovely collection of fabric that’s collecting dust! I currently have a gorgeous order coming from Blackbird fabrics (my favourite fabric shop) and then that is it (apart from coating/lining fabric). I have a wedding to save for!!

McCalls M6696

I’ve just returned from the Sew Up North blog meet up and inspired by all the lovely bloggers I met I thought I would show you my latest make. 

I had the grand idea of using the timer on my phone but my pictures are still rubbish! Hence why I blog infrequently. 

I made the ubiquitous McCalls M6696 which I think most sewing bloggers have had a crack at. 

It’s a great pattern and I didn’t need to make any fit adjustments except I took some of the excess width out of the back. I also shortened the bodice about an inch. 

I love the finished dress, it’s a little bit twee but it’s very me and will even be a great work dress! Bonus. 

The fabric is the Robert Kaufman chambray which I’ve been hoarding for well over a year and I’m pleased I’ve finally made something with it!

I definitely need to add an extra closure to the waist, after lunch it was gaping slightly which I didn’t even notice until I took these pictures!

The buttons are from eBay but I sewed them wrong side up as the right side had a shine to it. I kind of wish I’d sewn the wooden buttons instead as I think the red hearts can be a little too twee if I’m not in a Cath Kidston esque mood. 

I used Andrea from Four square walls collar attachment and Grainlines burrito method for enclosing the yoke. Everything else I followed the instructions. Except for all the hand sewing, I definitely skipped 90% of that and just hand sewed the inside of the waistband down to be neater.

I’m totally obsessed with shirt dresses and have at least 2 more in the queue not including the shirts I want to make too!

2016 Round Up

In 2016 I made 15 garments; 8 dresses, 1 pair of jeans, 1 skirt, 2 tops, 1 pair of dungarees and 2 pairs of trousers. Here are my hits and misses of the year.


Robert Collection dungarees – well until I split the crotch seam that is and they’re too big now. I really want to make some Turia dungarees but the paper pattern is sold out everywhere and I HATE HATE HATE PDFs!

Anna/Southport maxi dress – absolutely love this dress, I just wish I had more occasions to wear it! I almost considered shortening it so I could wear it more often!

Red heart skirt – worn to death until the weather turned colder. A little too big on the waist now.

Alexandria trousers – easy to wear and great for work. They feel really smart and they’re made of my absolute favourite ever fabric collection.

Alder shirt dress – I love the fabric, the style, it feels very ‘me’. Worn and washed to death.


Ginger jeans – I need a swayback adjustment and have no idea how to do one. The waistband came up really big and so they were worn for a few hours. Shame because it put me off jeans sewing as I have no idea how to correct the fit. They did make me realise I don’t need to sew everything, there’s nothing wrong with the 6 pairs of identical Levi’s I have especially as they fit really well.

Ultimate wrap dress – worn once and then washed but the fabric (from Fabworks) has already faded and it looks terrible. Not to mention it’s very revealing and very short!

McCalls denim shirt – I don’t like how wide and deep the button placket is and the dress comes up  quite short. It was only worn a few times.

Emery button front dress – far far far too big for me now. I made it very early on after having Emily. I’m still mourning this fabric as it came from a Cabbages and Roses fabric sale and is very special to me.

Seersucker Cynthia Rowley dress – something about the fit is off with this dress and I caught one of the pleats in the waist seam so it doesn’t sit flat. Everything about it is wrong (to me).

I’m trying to fix the handmade clothes that I don’t like. For example this Emery dress didn’t get worn because I felt frumpy with the high neck and long sleeves so I chopped them off. Now I love it!


This year I’ve learned to stick to the style I know that I will love as otherwise all that hard work is for nothing! I really need to start doing muslins on a regular basis too but that’s unlikely to start happening!!

Making a coat

I’ve been thinking about making a coat for a couple of years now. I’ve had my current blue duffle coat for 4 years and it really needs an upgrade. There’s so many coat patterns out there that it’s taken me this long to decide what I want!

My Pinterest board for a coat has a mix of the coats I need in my winter wardrobe. 

The Ninot coat ticks a few boxes 

I’d love one in a black wool coating to mimic a Cabbages and Roses coat sold a few years ago. 

I also fancied the Closet Case Files Kelly anorak but it’s not lined and one problem with my current duffle coat is it’s not warm enough. I’ll wait until Heather releases the lining pack. 

I also picked up a copy of vogue 1266 at Sew Up North but I’m a little nervous about it being my first coat and I can’t find any Blackwatch coating to make it from. 

This morning Emily was gifted a red duffle coat and it immediately reminded me how much I loved duffle coats and I really wanted a red one. My last two winter coats have been duffle so why break with tradition!?

So of course I’m making Grainline Studios Cascade duffle coat in red wool coating. 

I’d love a tartan version but I haven’t found the fabric so for now a red one will do. I also feel like I could make this in a twill and add snaps and save myself buying another pattern 🙈

So that’s my January/February/March sewing plan!

You may have noticed I’ve swapped my domain and moved to WordPress which I should have done years ago. It’s much more intuitive and easy to use. Hopefully this means I may be able to blog more!