Self drafted skirt

I’ve had the idea for this skirt in my head for years ever since I bought these red heart buttons from Cath Kidston. 

The Simplicity competition spurred me on to make it, that and that my Miette skirt is one of my most worn makes because it’s so versatile. I was going to use the simplicity pattern and enter the competition however we moved house and I completely lost both patterns!
The seed was there and I decided to draft it myself. 
When I say draft, it’s literally 3 rectangles! I measured my waist and added a seam allowance. The skirt pieces take up the whole width of the fabric so I used 98% of the fabric I had. Speaking of which u have no idea where this chambray came from! I’m thinking Blackbird fabrics? But I genuinely have no idea! Which is unusual for me, but then there’s a lot of chambray in my stash!

Insides were all overlocked and I added pockets with some scrap fabric leftover from my shirt dress. 
I absolutely love this skirt! It’s been in heavy wardrobe rotation since I finished it, which always makes sewing feel more rewarding!

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