Doomed project: Ginger jeans update

Well. I don’t think I’ve ever had a project have so many problems. I’m tempted to give up but at the same time I have a small stubborn streak that tells me to keep going. 

First up I cut the back legs crossgrain so I recut them after painstakingly measuring the grainline from the selvedge. Then after it had taken me 2 weeks to cut all the pieces out I realised I had two right legs – I hadn’t flipped the pattern piece over! 
Then after ordering more fabric I realised that the length wasn’t long enough! I ended up cutting both legs on the cross grain which means it’s not as stretchy. Doh!!
So far I’ve got the pockets sewn up, I tried to sew the coin pocket but it’s too many layers for my sewing machine to sew through. 
I’m starting(!) to think this project is doomed. 

4 thoughts on “Doomed project: Ginger jeans update

  1. Now that we've got past all that I'm really enjoying making them! It's a good stretch of my skills. They're really not as hard as you think! The only difficult thing is all the topstitching


  2. Oh no! I hate it when things like that happen. I take absolutely ages cutting things out as I know I'm prone to making daft mistakes. Hopefully it's onwards and upwards now!


  3. I've done the leg trick before on pyjamas so should've realised! I think because I only sew in small chunks thanks to baby it makes me more forgetful. Fingers crossed I don't have anymore problems!!


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