2015 round up

Wow 2015 was a busy year for making! I think next year will be less busy what with baby on its way. 

I also finished my triangle quilt for baby;

In 2015 I made my first pair of trousers, conquered knitting and fell in love with sewing knits. I also started teaching at Simply Solids and taught a beginners dressmaking class and a Staple dress class. 

It’s hard to tell what my biggest wins were as I’ve spent most of this year wearing whatever fits rather than whatever I like. My favourites have to be the Miette skirt, the Monetas, and obviously the Marienne dress. 

The bigger fails were; my Archer shirt which was too small, the second pair of peg trousers due fabric choice and being too big and the stripe hemlock tee again due to the fabric being too stiff. 

Next year I hope to make a coat (ha! Unlikely with tiny human) and make a decent pair of trousers. Mostly I’ll probably be knitting because it requires less brain power!

Unfinished projects: mustard cardigan which I expect will still be knitting in 2028!

3 thoughts on “2015 round up

  1. Wow you got so much done! I'm always impressed with people who can sew trousers – I made some in college and they didn't seem that difficult but now I think it'd be far too much for my brain! 🙂


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