The Lark Tee

When Jen first released the Lark tee I wasn’t pushing people over to get hold of a copy, another t-shirt pattern I thought, I already have a few freebies like the hemlock and the plantain.
I’ve been wearing the hemlocks I’ve made and I’m just not a fan of the fit, it’s too big in the shoulders and I get weird bust wrinkles. I made the plantain into a dress but not a massive fan of that either. Now that bump is growing out of even my baggiest t-shirts a seed was planted…

Then I saw a few cropping up on the blogosphere and I realised that it’s actually the perfect t-shirt pattern. There are so many variations, crew neck, v neck, boat neck, then the sleeve options too so it’s basically all you’d ever need in a t-shirt pattern.

I also feel like Jen is my spirit animal and can see straight into my head when it comes to wearable basics. We both like a similar fit, fitted at the shoulders and graded out with a little bagginess around the stomach and hips. Super comfy and I’m all about being comfy. It’s why I don’t own any heels.

Each variation is drafted separately and I painstakingly traced out the boat neck, scoop and v neck variations. Starting at a 2 for the shoulders out to an 8 with a little added length for bump room.
I raided my stash for suitable knit fabrics leaving left a small gap (which then led to a frenzied fabric buying spree) and immediately made up 2 larks.

You can always tell a winner when it’s the first thing you pick out of the laundry basket and wear 3 days running (definitely did not do that…).

All the fabric were cheap ones from eBay, but I love buying jersey from eBay, it’s dead cheap and I can never tell the difference like I can with other fabric types. Feel free to disagree with me here, I don’t think I’ve owned any expensive jersey!

You can just see the V neck version here. The jersey for this one is lighter and so I wear the other one a lot more. I love the fact that they still cover my 35 week baby bump!

Just to reiterate: I love the Lark tee!

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