Dropping the dress

Karen recently talked about dropping the dress in this post, the majority of my sewing has been dresses. I love wearing dresses, they make me feel like I’ve made an effort when I haven’t brushed my hair or am barely wearing a scrap of makeup. I’m all about the low maintenance!

However with my rapidly changing shape, I’m having to rethink my sewing habits. At first I was convinced I would have to stop sewing! The creative part of my brain scoffed at that idea and immediately started brainstorming ideas at 2 am – don’t you just hate that!?

I find a good break away really helps your creative battery recharge and coming back from Kos I was raring to go. 
I love that pregnancy is causing me to rethink my sewing wardrobe, I’m now thinking about the cake rather than the icing. Currently swirling around are trousers, jackets and lots and lots of knit tops/dresses.

Has anything caused you to rethink your sewing plans?


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