WIPs and when to give up

Do you ever give up on projects? Or are you one of those who sticks it out until the end?
The majority of my knitting projects have been abandoned and ripped back but this is the first sewing project I’ve not completed fully.

I’ve been making another hexie blanket since I finished the Tilda one for my Gran at Christmas.
I made a mistake and sewed a whole flower in the wrong place. I stalled and completely lost interest in it. I couldn’t bear to rip it out and couldn’t carry on. Stalemate!
I think if I didn’t have the small matter of the tiny person I’m currently growing I would have just carried on with it but I know my craft time will be limited soon and I just don’t love the blanket enough to keep going.

So today I decided enough was enough, the blanket was hogging far too much space in my WIPs basket and it needed to be gone! Actually I was supposed to be making a baby quilt but I’m procrastinating cutting out all those blasted triangles and seeing as I’ve lost my dressmaking mojo this was the next best thing…

Instead of carrying on with the hexie blanket I decided to cut the reminder of my fabric into 6″ squares to make a really simple patchwork quilt and considered what to do with the hexies I have already sewn together. With a little tweaking it could make a nice baby play mat albeit a little small but I think it’s going to be re-purposed into two cushions.


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