Personal style

I’m having trouble defining what clothes are “me” and my sewing is reflecting this. 

I made a pussy bow blouse out of red cotton lawn from eBay which was intended to wear for work. I decided after finishing the whole thing minus the sleeve hem and shirt hem that I didn’t like it.
It looked and felt like something you could buy in the shops.
I know a post of sewists like to fill their wardrobe with me mades and basics but I just don’t have the time to replace sewing with shopping. Although admittedly I definitely shop less than I used to.
All the clothes I have made and loved have had two things in common; 1) made from expensive fabric and 2) unusual designs.

The fabrics above arrived from Merchant & Mills yesterday, a gorgeous blackwatch linen, chambray and black denim which has a gorgeous grey back which I almost prefer. There’s not a lot of colour in my A/W wardrobe. 
In my head floating around is a Tilly Clemence skirt

I envisage it made from a dark chambray with red heart buttons down the front.

But then! Anxiety, what if I make it and don’t wear it? What if it’s not “me”?
I like to wear clothes that reflect how I feel and my own style, which has always been very personal to me.
It’s much harder to decide your style when there is so much choice with sewing, you choose the pattern, then variations, then fabric type then colour/patterns. If just one of these things is wrong then you have an outfit you hate. There is so much of yourself that goes into a garment you want to really love it at the end, and if you don’t. Well it’s a bit shit.
How do you sewists decide your personal style?

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