Sewing projects I’d love to tackle

I’ve been sewing clothes for 7 months now and although my skills have improved somewhat there are still some projects that I would like to make but I feel are way above my skill level. Although I’m saving them for another day.

Hacking jacket

I’m on the lookout for the perfect tweed jacket and this pattern would be perfect.
Maybe in something like this Harris tweed.

One of my planned autumn projects (that is if I’m not too exhausted from teaching) is a pair of trousers.

I’m thinking a nice slim fit made out of a soft grey fabric likeĀ this one from Merchant & Mills

To add to my work wardrobe I’d love to make a pussybow blouse from Colette, perhaps in a nice cotton lawn like this.

Way above my skill level, and something I can only dream one day of making (perhaps with a more advanced sewing machine) is a pair of jeans. I find getting jeans to fit notoriously difficult and we seamstresses know what it means when you buy something that doesn’t fit/isn’t exactly what you want.

Perhaps these simple jeans from Dragonfly fabrics would be perfect

Last but not least is this circle dress from Cabbages and Roses

I’d like to make something similar to this dress but I don’t like to make exact copies, to make this it would need a franken-pattern of Tessuti’s Lily linen dress and Sewoverit’s Betty dress circle skirt. This is a fabric muncher so something relatively cheap would have to do. Perhaps a nice soft grey gingham.

I recently hit 2000 page views according to Blogger, and I can’t say how much it means to me that people actually read my blog! Please note the name change to

What do you want to make?
Amy x


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