February in pictures

1. Started a new crochet blanket using a starburst pattern that was loosely based on one I saw online (I swear I booked marked it and then lost it!)
2. Loving the springtime weather
3. Gary’s birthday meal of pulled pork, was incredible! I used this recipe
4. Valentine’s meal, I’m not a fan of valentines purely because you shouldn’t need one day to show someone you love them, you should do it all year around. However we had a quiet cosy night in and I had tea cooked for me, it was perfect!
5.  and 6. The little adventures we’ve been on.
7. I’ve finally set up a twitter purely for crafty makes, follow me here and an Etsy shop for my little makes
8. Completely fell out of love with my new blanket, I’m just not friends with red, I’m more of a blue person
9. Springtime walk.
February was all about long leisurely walks in the spring sunshine and being at peace, it was much needed. This year is going far too quickly for my liking, but I’m enjoying seeing where it takes us.
How was your February?
Amy x

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