The last few weeks have been tough for us financially and with that and the rubbish weather, I’ve been feeling a bit down.
The weather really affects my mood, anyone else feel the same? I’ve put all my projects on hold (started a new one then stopped), I just can’t seem to get going at the moment.

I’m generally a positive person and not crafting plus the weather and work being stressful we’ve been having a bit of a tough time.
I’ve been feeling sorry for myself a far bit and a few posts I’ve seen online about other people’s lives really hit me. A couple of people I know (but don’t speak to) have gone through some incredibly tough times and it really puts things into perspective.

Our new motto is: Be Grateful.

We have a house, money to pay bills, our health and most of all love for each other.
What more do you need in life really?


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