Painted furniture update

I blogged about painting furniture a couple of posts ago and thought I’d share the end results with you!
This chest of drawers was a freebie from my gran’s neighbour (hurray!) and so I only paid for the paint and some new door knobs (which I’m yet to buy).

I painted the inside of the drawers duck egg blue:

I also painted this old mahogany side table and I think it looks adorable painted up!

After painting these two pieces of furniture I still have half a tin of paint left! Annie Sloan is expensive but it definitely lasts.
I wasn’t too impressed with the finish on the chest of drawers, you can see brush marks when you look closely. When I painted the side table I watered it down slightly and the finish is much better. If you’re going to paint furniture I would water it down first.
All in all I am very impressed with my furniture painting skills!
Would you consider painting furniture?
Amy x

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