Welcome to my blog. I’ve decided to set up a blog to keep track of my crafty makes and to show progress on our new home.

This is me:

My name is Amy and I’ve recently started an interest in crafts, specifically patchwork. 
Like most new crafters the lure of Cath Kidston has sucked us in. For me, my mum has always been into handmade crafts, she made her own curtains and a patchwork blanket that currently lies on our sofa. When we moved into our house, it made sense to save money and make things myself (plus it gives me a fun new hobby).

My first patchwork cushion

I’ll be doing crafty tutorials later so watch out for those. I really enjoyed making this cushion, I find patchwork quite challenging trying to choose patterns that work well together and making sure all the squares are in line. However I get a great sense of achievement from making my own crafty things.

I decided to set my own blog up because keeping track of all the beautiful things I want is starting to clog up my phone’s photo albums and I wanted to share my ideas with everyone.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for tutorials and my new ideas. In the meantime if you want to check out my crafts and new home there’s lots of pictures on my instagram (search _hello_amy)



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